Collaborative Research between Epidemic Diffusion Network and Emergency Rescue Network in Anti-bioterrorism System


To research the collaborative relationship between the epidemic diffusion network and the emergency rescue network, the SIR model with pulse vaccination is introduced, in which the quantity of vaccinated individuals can be calculated if the vaccinated rate is established. Based on the SIR model, the rescue model is formulated for the purpose of satisfying the demand and reducing the total rescue cost in the limited time. As a result, the distance threshold, which is related to the rescue time and cost, is used as a standard to choose vaccine supply points. Then the vaccine amount is calculated by simulation. Numerical study with several affected areas is conducted, and the corresponding results indicate that the proposed model is available and vaccinated rate is vital for collaborating between the two networks. To sum up, the novel method can be employed by decision-makers to coordinate in an actual accident.


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