Evidence That the Anomalous Cosmic-ray Component Is Singly Ionized


We have used data from the Cosmic Ray Subsystem on the Voyager spacecraft to measure the spectra of He, C, N, 0, and Ne with 4-124 MeV per nucleon (for 0) during solar minimum conditions near the end of 1977. By subtracting both a low-energy interplanetary component and the high-energy galactic component we have determined the energy spectra of the "anomalous" cosmic-ray species He, N, 0, and Ne. The energy dependences of such spectra depend upon the charge state of the particles, their source spectra, and the rigidity dependence of the diffusion coefficient. If the source spectra at the boundary of the modulation region have similar power-law energy dependences, then the observed energy spectra indicate that the anomalous particles are singly ionized. Subject heading: cosmic rays: general


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